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If you’re applying for a job – whether it’s your first, fourth or fiftieth – there’s a simple 3-Step formula that will greatly increase your chances of success!

What’s the one thing that’s more important than all your experience, more important than your qualifications and more important than your skills?

Your resume!

Why Your Resume Is So Important

  • Without a professional resume, prospective employers will never learn about your experience, your qualifications or your skills.
  • Without a professional resume, you’ll never get the chance to impress employers at an interview.
  • Without a professional resume, you may never get that job you’ve always wanted.

Competition for jobs these days is fierce, so you have to give yourself a competitive edge over all the other applicants, and that’s why you must have a professional resume.

First Impressions Count

Everyone agrees that the impression you make in the first three minutes will be a lasting one, so don’t let your writing let you down! Always have every word edited professionally before you let it loose on the world … use this editing software to take the guesswork out of your writing. You’ll also find templates for resumes, cover letters and more … all ready for you to add your details!

Are you aware that every time you speak or write, people use your language to instantly judge how educated, competent and successful you are? Studies have shown that a powerful vocabulary is directly linked to success, status and income. Click here for an outline of the key features in a good vocabulary builder

But sometimes, you just don’t have the time or the skills or even the inclination to write your own resume and that’s when you need Write Resumes 101 to write your resume for you, using all the techniques that will increase your chances of landing your dream job!

Whether it’s a student resume or executive resume, your resume must be carefully written to highlight the specific skills, qualifications and experience you have for the position you want.

What Your Resume Must DoPresent a professional imageReflect your individual skills and accomplishmentsIndicate why you are the best person for this specific positionBe easy to read … Employers are busy people!  

What You Should Always Include on Your Resume

There are three key elements every personnel manager, HR officer or employer looks for on a resume, and if they’re not there, if they’re not in the right style and not in the right order, your resume could end up in the bin!

These three things virtually guarantee an interview and significantly increase your chances of landing your job.

Can you afford to omit any of these from your resume?

At Write Resumes 101 we have experience writing resumes that get read, get noticed and get results!

There are many more techniques for getting your resume read … things like the size of the type, the actual font used and even the width of margins. All these may seem minor but they’re very important in the eyes of the people who do the hiring.

What You Should Never Put in Your Resume

Did you know that there are five things you should never put in your resume?

If you include any or all of these five, you’re all but doomed to failure before you start! 

But when you entrust Write Resumes 101 with the important task of preparing your resume, you can be sure that none of the deadly five will find their way onto your resume!

When you know your resume has been professionally prepared, you’ll have more confidence when you’re called for an interview. And studies have shown that when you’re confident at the interview, you’re more likely to get the job.

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Why Your Resume Is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

By having your resume professionally-written, you greatly improve your chances of getting an interview and landing the job or position you’ve always wanted.

Yes, it costs more to have a professional prepare it than it does to sit down at your desk and type up a list of your jobs, but you’ll recoup your investment many times over in your first week’s wages. It makes sound financial sense to fast-track your job application process by investing in a professional resume.

Step 1 in Your 3-Step Formula for Landing Your Dream Job

Click here for the first step in your 3-Step formula for landing your dream job.

Your GuaranteeWhen you entrust Write Resumes 101 with your resume, I guarantee it!Once I send you your resume, you have a full 365 days to go through it carefully, and if you’re not happy with it, I guarantee to rewrite it for free OR fully refund your money. That’s right. It’s not a misprint. You have a FULL YEAR to decide if you’re happy with your resume, or I’ll rewrite it for free OR refund your purchase price! You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.(Please note that the rewrite will only use the original material you submitted. I regret that I cannot accept any new information for rewrites. If you decide you’d like additional material included, I can edit your resume for a fee of $75.)