Types of Resumes

The first step in the 3-Step formula for landing your dream job is to have a resume tailor-made for you and this particular job. 

Resumes are not the same for everyone. To get the most from your resume, choose from the selections below to find the one that best suits your needs then click on the I want to start now link to order. 

Entry Level 

This resume is for students graduating from college or university and starting their first job or career. It’s also suitable for a student graduating from high school and trying to get into college or enter the job market.

Fee: $150 I want to start now  

Intermediate Level

If you’re seeking a non-professional, non-technical, non-management position and have been in the work force up to 8 years then this is the resume for you.

Fee: $175 I want to start now  

Mid Level

This resume is for 60% of our clients and covers the mid-career level. 

It covers all fields including finance, sales, marketing, advertising, project management, accounting, purchasing, production, academia, engineering, executive management, law, medical, veterinary, dental, consultants, entertainers, sports and creative fields as well as anyone who now wants to move up the corporate ladder.

The mid level resume is also for those who’ve been working for more than 8 years in non-professional, non-technical or non-management positions.

Fee: $250 I want to start now  

Senior Level

Suitable for those with more extensive experience in senior management, business and the professions.

Fee: $350 I want to start now  

Technical Level

This is for any professional with extensive technical experience and is a very detailed and specialised resume. It includes a technical proficiency section that highlights hardware, software, operating systems, engineering tools etc. so your potential employer can identify your relevant job skills.

Fee: $375 I want to start now  

Executive Level

This is the resume for you if you’re applying for any of the key positions in an organisation. If you have many years professional experience, extensive accomplishments and many skills and qualifications, you need to have your resume professionally written. This level includes vice president positions, directors, C-level professionals, politicians, experienced project managers and similar positions.

Fee: $375 – $500 I want to start now  

Urgent Needs Rush Fee

If you’ve just found the perfect job and the closing date for applications is fast approaching, I can put an Urgent marker on your resume and have it back to you within two business days. Add an additional $100 to the resume of your choice for this service.

What Type of Resume Is Right for You? 

If you have any questions about which resume would be the best fit for your current experience and skills, just click the button to send an email: 

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Step 2 in Your 3-Step Formula for Landing Your Dream Job

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Your GuaranteeWhen you entrust Write Resumes 101 with your resume, I guarantee it!Once I send you your resume, you have a full 365 days to go through it carefully, and if you’re not happy with it, I guarantee to rewrite it for free OR fully refund your money. That’s right. It’s not a misprint. You have a FULL YEAR to decide if you’re happy with your resume, or I’ll rewrite it for free or refund your purchase price! You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain.(Please note that the rewrite will only use the original material you submitted. I regret that I cannot accept any new information for rewrites. If you decide you’d like additional material included, I can edit your resume for a fee of $75.)