Corporate Resumes vs. Federal Resumes: What is the Difference Between Them?

The main difference between these resume forms is that a federal resume is a type of resume which built specifically for federal government assignments. When you are applying to a government job position first thing you need to understand is not try to maximize and polish your old corporate resume.

In this article we will show you the principal differences between both forms. So after reading you can compare your own form with main requirements for federal resume and make sure that it is not in doubt or check your military resume writer.


The famous principle “less is more” does not work here. Your federal resume should be much longer than your civilian resume. While average length for regular CV form is one or maximum two pages, most federal resumes are from 4 pages. Moreover, resumes with 15-pages in lengthare not the exception.This difference is due to the fact that the federal resume requires the most detailed description of responsibilities. Even if the duties were repeated at different jobs, they should be indicated.


The best federal resume must follow strict formative rules. Therefore, you should forget about all creativity and imagination.It is strictly forbidden to use: graphic and image elements, tables, text fields, bold, underline, italics, special characters. It is better to use dashes for bullets.

Require Detailed Information

In addition to the standard information that you provide in a regular resume, you should further clarify next things.

About experience:
– full address with the name of a street, state and ZIP code for each previous workplace;
– the names of all your previous supervisors and their phone numbers;
– the number of working hours;
– salary.

About education and trainings:
– your college GPA;
– graduation year and date;
– all courses you completed, number of course hours;
– the name of high school, city and country, date of diploma or GED.

About awards:
– a detailed description of each award related to public service;
– the date of award;
– your personal contribution and direct participation.

federal job application


HR manager in the corporate sector usually does not pay attention to keywords.In the federal resume, a special field is usually introduced for this. This is due to the fact that a very large number of resumes are always submitted to a state vacancy. Therefore, it is very difficult for the manager to select the most suitable applications and HR is primarily focused on keywords.Keywords should be at the beginning of the paragraph and in all caps: glider, coordinator, corporate leader, logistics coordinator, team leader, database administrator, trainer.

E-mail address

Do not use outdated mail providers. It would be better if the name of your mail contains your name and surname, preferably without the year of birth and other unnecessary information.Remember that your email is the first impression forHR managers.

Person which can apply

Most Federal announcements require an applicant to be a United States citizen.In addition, a frequent requirement may be the status of a current federal employee or veteran.

Meeting all criteria

If you do not want your resume will be ignored you must meet all the criteria. This is a significant difference with the corporate world.Very often, when applying for a corporate vacancy, you can get around some requirements. For example, you may have not the same but similar experience or experience in a related field or similar qualifications.However, in federal work, all the criteria must be precisely met. You should carefully monitor your qualifications and be 100% sure that your federal resume correctly conveys this information.

Application deadlines

Dates must be strictly observed.If you cannot submit your application before deadline date, the application will almost be rejected.

Candidate selection

The first step in evaluating applications is to examine them for full compliance.The next step is adding points to veterans and current federal employees. Then the HR manager usually invites from 3 to 5 of the best candidates for an interview.

We have listed only the most obvious differences between a federal resume and a corporate one. Each unique position requires individual conditions, so you need to be extremely careful and protect yourself from disappointment in the future.